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Best Breweries in San Rafael

For my first post, I got to give a shout out to my home town of San Rafael! I’m going to give you guys my top 5 spots that I like to go around San Rafael when I need myself a refreshing ale or lager! I’ll put numbers next to them for aesthetic reasons, but these really don’t have any particular order! I like them all too much, no need to make for strife when you can enjoy them all!

  1. State Room Brewery- Definitely one of my favorite places for both food and booze! This is not just same fried up bar food, they have a delicious menu including pizza! Pizza and beer, what’s better?! One of my favorite drinks to order from here is called the Dubbel Jeopardy. Yes, I know how to spell double correctly, it is spelt Dubbel because of it’s bubble gum flavoring! Now, it is not an overwhelming flavor, just a nice little hint. This is a dark ale, creamy textured, and did I mention delicious?
  2. Iron Springs- This pub is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for local brews. They pride themselves on buying local as much as possible and they certainly pull through on their promise. They have a huge variety, different ales and lagers for everyone’s taste. You really can’t go wrong, if I were to suggest one of my favorites, it would be the Casey Jones Imperial IPA, brewed by Iron Springs themselves!
  3. Mill Valley Beerworks- First things first, go during their brunch time, it’s awesome. Second, order a beer with brunch, whoever says it’s too early needs to stop being so negative. This is a small brewery/restaurant that delivers big time. Some of my favorite drafts from here include the Animal, which is perfect if you like a strong aromatic IPA, and the Old Speckled Hen which is a malt with a nice toffee note.
  4. East Brother Beer Co. You can find this sweet spot in Richmond, CA. Really neat place to go and yes, they make their own beer! Their Oatmeal Stout can be put up against the best of them. It has a milk chocolate taste to it and gah! My mouth is watering just thinking about it honestly. Very well run establishment too, you really get a sense that these people know about high quality beer and love what they do.
  5. Benoit-Casper Brewing- Last, but not least since these aren’t in order! This one is also located in Richmond, maybe the rivals of East Brother, I don’t know they probably get along. Anyways… Yeah Benoit-Casper is another awesome establishment and a true brewery. My advice, go their between March and September and get their taste of Oktoberfest, the Amber Lager. Lord have mercy, these guys killed it on this one. Only brewed 6 months out of the year because well, it’s too much of a delight to be served year round in my opinion! Oh, and I believe it is pronounced “Ben-Wha”?

And there you have it! For whatever my opinion is worth, these are my top 5 favorites around California! I encourage you to check these out if you live around here or are ever in the area. Until next time guys, Cheers!!!

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