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I Went Back to College

Oh boy, oh boy. Last weekend I let my buddies convince myself that I needed to get out of the house. Admitting, I have been a little anti-social lately. I’ve been trying to focus on my work/kinda just laying around and eating. My guy Roy says he’s visiting his brother at his university and all my boys are on board except me. Of course, all it took was about 3 minutes of heckling to get me to agree. I’ve always been susceptible to peer pressure.

So we pull up to his brothers apartment and immediately can hear the “thump thump thump” from his speakers. Mind you it’s 2 pm on a Friday. We walk into 4 dudes who’ve clearly been ripping shots since breakfast and we’re just getting started. I envy their stamina. Immediately I am pushed into playing a game of beer pong, which never really is actually played correctly. See for those who don’t know, there is supposed to be beer in the cups, not water. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve seen people actually drink during beer pong. It’s really just a symbol put in place to say “Hey, this is a party now.” Somehow the depth perception these alcohol filled undergrads had was spot on. I think I shot twice, maybe three times before suffering defeat.

The night carries on and we go out to the local bars. Now we’re to the point of why I’m telling this story. Roy’s brother, Cody, shouts “Ay yeah, it’s quarter-bots at this bar tonight.” I look around the group, puzzled. I’m I the only that heard what he just said? Does that mean bottles of beer for a quarter? I didn’t want to be lame and ask, so I thought I’d just feel it out. I walk up to the bar and order a domestic. The bartender brings me my beer, I slide over a quarter, heart racing at about 200 beats per minute, he grabs it, gives me a look… and says…………..                                        ……                    .. “ENJOY!” Oh sweet relief, I wasn’t made a fool! But, now my mind has to process this. They’re serving bottled domestics for a quarter?! Like, 1 quarter? 25 cents? What in the world?! I can get a six-pack for a dollar fifty? What is this mystical land? Sure, it’s not premium beer. Just your simple ales and lagers, but for 25 cents I’ll chug Keystones. After all it’s just laundry money, my sweatpants could make it a few more weeks.

The next time I go up, I give him a dollar. Guess what I got? 4 bottles of Bud Light, alright alright alright! At this point, I was happy my friends got me up off my cheeks. Fast forward about 14 hours and I’m waking up bent like an S on the couch with a pounding headache, starting to regret my decision a little more.

All in all though, I had a great time with the mates. Now, back to being a couch potato while eating loaded potatoes.

Cheers all! Sorry for the grammatical errors.

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