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Do I Drink Cheap Beer

This was brought to my attention the other day when I was called a “beer snob” by my friends girl. Notice how I didn’t say girlfriend, because frankly, I don’t see this one lasting. Sure, I enjoy tasting different styles and love my craft beer, but that doesn’t make me a picky beer drinker. The answer is, hell yeah I still drink cheap beer. I understand there are some dbags out there who won’t drink a beer unless it’s over 7% alcohol and has enough hops to burn your nose hair, but let’s set the record straight, I’m not that guy! If you offer me a cheap beer I will shake your hand and cheers you up on the spot, no questions asked.

Some of my favorite cheap beer you ask? You didn’t ask? Well, I’ll tell you anyways. Number uno, Busch. Although, I have been seeing prices go on the rise for this. They come in 30 racks which I adore, but what used to be $14.99 is now becoming $22.99 and up. C’mon Busch, stop straying away from who you are! You’re starting to leave the realm of being the best of cheap beer and entering the status of average mid tier beer.

My next favorite is probably an unknown to most of you, and can only be found at one liquor store chain, Big Red’s. They offer three different styles of their own brewed beer. Big Red Lite’s, Lagers, and even an IPA! The reason I love this beer so much is they embrace the cheap, like really embrace it. I’m talking I walk in and get a 24 pack of BRL’s for $10.99 (not a typo) and the best part, their casing consists of four 6 packs sitting on top of a cardboard cut out. That’s what I’m talking about. Do you Big Red.

Least favorite cheap beer, Keystone. Sorry, Keith Stone. Again, I’ll drink it, but it tastes like beer that was mopped up off the floor at a brewery and rung out into a can.

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